Growth of the usage of the word "Hacking"

Don’t hire a Growth Hacker, get a Growth Hustler instead

Hacking these days, despite the official definitions, is used to define any action of finding an innovative solution to a problem. Hacking commonly refers to leveraging the weaknesses of a system to achieve something that wasn’t meant to be done with that system. Hacking can be used to describe some growth actions, like leveraging the Facebook Social graph […]

Product growth: Lost in perfection

Congrats! You have released your app / site. Traffic is starting to come to it, paid customers are starting to use your product, you have proven your market fit. Now you (and probably the investors you are already talking to) want to accelerate the growth. Forward we go To do so, you identified multiple avenues, like […]

App Store no future

Do you pay attention to the updates on your iphone? Have you noticed a trend? The Uber app having an update a week, and Instagram, and Facebook messenger? Those are a few stand out from the random check I did using app store release data last week (See graphs above, iOS data from AppAnnie). The ubiquitous App developper Today, building […]