Julieng Consulting focuses on helping companies maximize their growth. We provide services tailored to the size and the challenges of your company.

Are you a CEO wondering if you are doing everything to unleash the growth of your company? Do you need help training your team to the growth mindset? Julieng consulting can help you.


Growth is a mindset. Growth is about looking at all the opportunities within an organisation or/and a product to achieve your goals. Growth is about systematic A/B testing and iterating. Growth is about questioning and testing  every assumption, about not leaving anything to chance.

Growth is not only a marketing thing. Growth is not a product thing, nor a combination of both. Growth is a way of systematically testing and optimizing every aspect of an organization.

I am passionate about marketing, analytics and processes and therefore growth is part of my life. Spending time helping companies achieve their goals is the job I have been preparing for since I started my career.


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